History of Taiwan


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The U.S. was the sole power that placed Taiwan under the military occupation and administration of the ROC on Taiwan by error in 1945. Now is the time to rectify the mistake. The U.S. has the legal rights to help the Taiwanese remove the system of the ROC from Taiwan. The USA also carries the moral obligation to compensate for the crimes that ROC leaders, Chiang Kai-Shek, his son and their KMT cohorts, have committed against the Taiwanese. (Reference: Formosa Betrayed by George Kerr; First published in Great Britain 1966 by Eyre & Spottiswoode Ltd; Second edition in 1992 published by Taiwan Publishing Co. ; Available on https://amazon.com. Kindle version available.)

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Q:  What is Taiwanese?

A:  Taiwanese is the national identity of a person, regardless of the genetic origins or cultural backgrounds, who is willing to share the destiny of the Taiwanese people and pledges allegiancePreview(opens in a new tab) to the Taiwan nation.

Q:   Does Taiwanese nationality exist?

A.   No, not yet. Nationality is more than identity. There is no genuine nation of  Taiwan on earth since the Republic of China still rules Taiwan. The constitution of Republic of China makes the present government on Taiwan the status as of a  “Chinese government-in-exile”. That implies that Taiwan is eventually to become part of China, so long as the Taiwanese continue to vote in favor of supporting this political structure.

Q. Will Chinese military attack on Taiwan?

A. Not likely, as long as the US stands firm to fulfill the spirit and the goal of Taiwan Relations Act.

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