The establishment of a genuine democratic free and independent Taiwan (Formosa) is indispensable to world peace.

History of Taiwan

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History of “March for Taiwan”

Groups of Taiwanese Americans physically marched three times in years 2007, 2009, and 2010 respectively, twice in the U.S. (2007 and 2009) and once in Taiwan (2010). The purpose of the 2007 march was to commemorate the 60th anniversary of February 28, 1947 Incident which resulted in the massacre of Taiwanese by the Republic of China army in March, 1947. The second march, in 2009, was to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Taiwan Relations Act (TRA), which was passed by the U.S. Congress in 1978, and signed into law by President Carter in 1979. The third march, in 2010, was to call for a “Republic of Taiwan” by the removal of the Republic of China (ROC).

Current political status of Taiwan

A decade later, since the last March for Taiwan of 2010 in Taipei, we are looking at a Taiwan far from our calling.

Not only does the “Republic of China” still exist on Taiwan but also its elected leaders are making the present and political future of Taiwan more precarious. The previous Ma administration (2008 – 2016) almost sold out Taiwan to the People’s Republic of China (P.R.C. a.k.a. China) by weakening its military defense capacity substantially. Furthermore, Ma (a KMT member of the Chinese Nationalist Party which was founded in China) attempted to force through an unfair trade deal which would have opened the door in favor of Chinese economical annexation of Taiwan. The present leader, Tsai (2016 – present), who was re-elected this January 11th, 2020, keeps on insisting that Taiwan is already independent and its name is “Republic of China (ROC) on Taiwan” or “Chinese Taipei”. Is Taiwan really an independent nation?

Tsai’s victory did not prove that the Taiwanese voters shared her view of “ROC equating Taiwan”. We believe that her victory in the presidential election of December of 2019 was influenced by some of the following factors: the lack of other options and the fear of the P.R.C. in the voters’ mind. Other factors that forced the people of Taiwan to re-elect the DPP’s presidential incumbent Tsai, I. W. (DPP, Democratic Progressive Party, suppose to be a pro-Taiwanese Independence party), include the massive protests in Hong Kong against Chinese repression and the extreme pro-“unification” agenda of the opposition KMT candidate.

Since 1996, the people of Taiwan were allowed to vote directly for the president of the ROC. That sustains the Chinese constitution of the ROC over Taiwan and continues to forestall a true Taiwanese democratic state. It not only keeps an outdated “unofficial Two-China policy, or official One-China”, alive, but also jeopardizes an emerging new Taiwan Republic.

The people of Taiwan are held as political hostages by the PRC and ROC to serve their own interests and agenda. On the PRC side, by keeping the ROC alive on Taiwan, they can extract the geopolitical gains in the process of expansion of their Chinese empire into the Pacific Ocean . It is the PRC’s best interest to annex Taiwan by internal political subversion. On the side of the ROC, the regime is buying its time by continuing the lies of the ROC’s sovereignty over Taiwan and presenting itself as a anti-Communist Chinese state called ROC-Taiwan.

Three understandings

Number one. The fact check tells us that the dictator, Xi, and his ruling party of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), is the enemy of the free world and the United States of America. After the CCP broke its promise of maintaining the status of “One Country Two Systems” for Hong Kong, the free world finally saw the true color of Chinese Communist Party. In addition, the outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID-19 or CCP Virus) pandemic further proved that the CCP is the worst destroyers of the human race.

Number two. Sovereignty of Taiwan belongs to the people of Taiwan, instead of any foreign or domestic political entity, either ROC, PRC, or others.

Number three. So far, the ROC is unable to transform itself into a true Taiwan Republic by abandoning its China-born constitution. A Taiwan Republic would remain a pipe dream without the help and understanding of the U.S. and the free world.

How can the world help

The U.S. was the sole power that placed Taiwan under the military occupation and administration of the ROC on Taiwan by error in 1945. Now is the time to rectify the mistake. The U.S. has the legal rights to help the Taiwanese remove the system of the ROC from Taiwan. The USA also carries the moral obligation to compensate for the crimes that ROC leaders, Chiang Kai-Shek, his son and their KMT cohorts, have committed against the Taiwanese. (Reference: Formosa Betrayed by George Kerr; First published in Great Britain 1966 by Eyre & Spottiswoode Ltd; Second edition in 1992 published by Taiwan Publishing Co. ; Available on Kindle version available.)

We welcome the recent US Senate bill and the companion Taiwan Defense Act (TDA) in the Congress that are to reinforce the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA). We encourage the US to continue these efforts and physically send forces to Taiwan to deter the Chinese aggression!

The belief and hope of a better world

When the U. S. and the free world stand together to formerly recognize a true Taiwan Republic, the prospect for world peace will come much closer to reality than just a dream.

July 3, 2020

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Q:  What is Taiwanese?

A:  Taiwanese is the national identity of a person, regardless of the genetic origins or cultural backgrounds, who is willing to share the destiny of the Taiwanese people and pledges allegiance to the Taiwan nation.

Q:   Does Taiwanese nationality exist?

A.   No, not yet. Nationality is more than identity. There is no genuine nation of  Taiwan on earth since the Republic of China still rules Taiwan. The constitution of Republic of China makes the present government on Taiwan the status as of a  “Chinese government-in-exile. That implies that Taiwan is eventually to become part of China, so long as the Taiwanese continue to vote in favor of supporting this political structure.

Q. Will Chinese military attack on Taiwan?

A. Not likely, as long as the US stands firm to fulfill the spirit and the goal of Taiwan Relations Act.

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